Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Ain't No Central Park

Not a pretty sight.  I've never been a fan of those downtown horse drawn carriages.  They just don't work on our streets which combine cars, buses, and now bikes.  The carriages are a major traffic hazard, just check them out sometime at North Temple and State Streets.  What a PITA.

OK, they an be romantic.  But we don't have a huge Central Park downtown where the carriages can travel without vehicular interference.  The collapsed horse the other day was only the latest of several incidences involving the carriages.  Better to take the carriages to Liberty Park, or Wheeler Farm, or the This Is the Place Monument.

A concerned citizen has started a petition to remove the carriages from downtown and save the horses.  Sign it out here...


  1. Thank you Stan. I live in your district and was thoroughly disappointed with Penfold's vote today not even put in place better regulations for the horse to make sure they aren't working in extreme temperatures. You got my vote.

  2. Well, they passed the buck... At least we don't have a final decision. I just don't think the carriages are appropriate in our Downtown. Perhaps we could suggest a romantic run through the developing Granary District. Lots less traffic.


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