Monday, August 12, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Seems like dog issues are quite controversial.  I like dogs, I really do consider them (wo)man's best friend...  it's a cliche but true.  And I don't pretend to know all the pros and cons of all the issues surrounding dogs, but off leash areas in parks seem to be one major issue.

To avoid the summer heat, I've been taking to the parks early in the mornings for some exercise.  I do see several owners enjoying the parks with their dogs off leash, even though it is clearly posted that dogs must be on leash.  Questioning them, they hold up their pop bags and show that their dogs are well controlled.  By the time the kids show up for soccer, or the cricket match gets started, the dogs are gone.

Seems like a good experiment in self regulation is going on with these responsible dog owners.  And I wonder if off leash areas could be extended to more park areas during the early morning or later evening hours.  Something worth discussion, anyway.

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