Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tennis, Anyone?

I used to play a fair amount of tennis and often sought out the small courts located in the Avenues.  I took a look around at those courts the other day and was appalled at the condition.  Some of the courts were "under repair" so long that the under repair signs needed repair!

From C Street:  (Click on the pics for a larger viewing size)

Then I went past Lindsey Gardens...  depressing...

Finally, up on 11th Ave, there are a couple courts in operation, but others are locked out to tennis fans.

I can't believe it is so difficult for the City Parks Dept. to cut down a few weeds and install nets.  Yes, there is some concrete work needed as well.  Well?  Aren't we paying taxes for these facilities?  Maybe the City should repair our existing facilities rather than build yet another very expensive performing arts theater.

Finally, the 11th Ave Park volleyball court with an invisible net....  So pull the concrete out and replace it with sand.  Beach volleyball!

I guess what I'm getting at...  City Government needs to maintain existing facilities before spending money on exotic parking meters and unneeded arts buildings.  When what we already have is up and running and working well, the City can look at expanding arts and sports opportunities for SLC citizens as well as new technologies.

Vote for me!  Bring some common sense back to city government.

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