Friday, August 23, 2013

Historical Preservation Pt. II

During the Olympics, I wandered into a Main St. building to view exhibits by the BLM and Forest Service.  However, I was amazed by the building interior itself.  I haven't yet found much historical info about 125 S. Main, but since the Olympics it has fallen into disrepair.  Checking the new Performance Art Center web page, it looks like this building may be scheduled for demolition.

I did contact the Utah Heritage Foundation for information on the building's future, and I received this reply:

"It is one of the great historic interiors left on Main Street and I know they’ve had difficulty preserving it in place with the program for the theater. I will let you know what I find out."

I managed a couple pics through the window which may give an ideas what we may be sacrificing from our great historical past for something only those who can afford $100-$200 tickets will use.

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