Monday, October 14, 2013

Parks and Port-a-potties

Click on the pic above...  it's an 11th Ave Park scene...  on a slow day.  Over the years, this park has seen a big increase in usage, from kids soccer to cricket contests.  Some days, the park is filled with sports participants, friends, and family.  The parking lot is filled, and spaces along the street are jammed.

Now look closely in the expanded pic, at an item circled on the left side...  One (1)!!! port-a-pottie for this park!  Here's a close up:

We are going to spend $110M (now $116M) on a new performance arts space of dubious need, yet we can't afford to install dedicated rest rooms in our parks.  Can you imagine what that port-a-pottie must look like after a day of kid's soccer?

Somehow, I think this city has its priorities confused...  Let's take care of what we have before we build something new.

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