Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meter Muggings

Not that the meters don't "mug" us for the hourly rate or the extended hours, there's also a real mugging issue with the meters.  Now that it's getting dark earlier, trying to feed the meters after 6:00pm poses a safety issue, especially at some of the meters outside the direct downtown area.  This was expressed to me by a young woman the other night who felt "creeped out" while feeding a meter in a very dark area near the Cinegrill.  There's no light around the meters (except for a minor glow from the small screen), and I can imagine the possibility of someone getting mugged while their attention is diverted to the meter.  I'm not trying to inspire some criminal activity, here, just pointing out, as was expressed to me, that there is a real safety issue with meter hours extended into the dark evening hours.  Another good reason to roll back the meter hours to 6:00pm

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