Friday, September 27, 2013

More on the Meters

The Downtown Alliance, using your tax money, recently published a survey touting the popularity of the new parking meters.  I looked into this survey a little further and found it significantly lacking.

First, the positive responses to the meters were almost exclusively based on the ability to use credit cards to pay for parking.  This make sense, and is a definite plus of the new technology, especially considering the increased parking rates.

I also noted on the Alliance web site that 75% of the respondents did not know that the meter hours had been extended until 8:00pm.  Who did they survey?  Daytime users?  The problem is not daytime parking meters, but the extended evening hours that discourage visits to restaurants and bars for nighttime entertainment.

Anyway, I stand by my campaign slogan:


PS...  for another view of the meters, check out this Trib column.

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